About Me

CeramicsOnly is my vision. My name is Saseedaran Kumaran and I have this vision of sharing my knowledge in the world of CERAMICS with those who share my love for Ceramics.

My first dip into Ceramics was in 1972 when I joined Diploma in Ceramics. Instantly I developed a liking towards this subject. I longed to dive further deep and broaden my knowledge of Ceramics. I pursued my Graduation and Post Graduation in Ceramic Technology. I always stood first in my academic institutions and bagged gold medals for my outstanding performance.

I first started my employment in 1977 at floor level work and have crossed 36 solid years of employment in the field of Ceramics. I still continue to enjoy the challenges and wonders of Ceramics though I have assumed various different roles from Shop Supervisor to Vice President (Works) in Sanitaryware manufacturing industries.

From the very beginning of my association with the field of Ceramics, I had very high emotional attachment to this subject which in turn gave me reasonable knowledge in the field of ceramics. Now that I have gained valuable knowledge over a period of 36 years, I realise that having put my life and soul into this subject and having gained the wealth of knowledge, I should put it to use for emotional satisfaction – i.e by sharing my knowledge with others in this field. I know there are quite a few people who are looking for guidance/support/solutions and answers to numerous problems they face in this field. Be it a student or an employee or an instructor or Minerals/Raw Materials/Machinery supplier/manufacturer or an entrepreneur or an ordinary end user of any cermamic material. I am looking forward to share all my valuable knowledge with those who share my love for Ceramics.

With this ambition, I have started this website ‘www.ceramicsonly.com’ and through this I would like to find satisfaction at a higher level by sharing my knowledge with those in this field and in need.

I wish you all the best and remain.

-Saseedaran Kumaran